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Our clients live throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, US and abroad, and our services are tailored to meet their needs.

We wear the compasses of guides, the souls of counselors, the hats of project managers and the hearts of advocates with you every step of the way. In addition, with our highly recommended list of vendors, whom we view as an extension of our business, we are constantly matchmaking. We've got our trusted pocketbook of contractors, designers, attorneys, painters, childcare providers, you name it -- and partner agents around the globe as you continue to find your place in the world.

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About us

Awarded by the National Association of Realtor's 30 Under 30, Connie Chung's success began early, and time after time, she has proven her value to clients and the industry, consistently ranking in the top 5% of San Francisco Realtors. She interprets every home as an investment, and as an investor herself, Connie empowers clients to make sound financial decisions. Through unwavering integrity, due diligence, and compassion, she's humbled that over 90% of her team's business comes from word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clients.

Connie graduated from UC Berkeley and completed a fellowship in Public Policy and International Affairs at Princeton University. Among her experience working on campaigns and in the non-profit sector, Connie attributes her grit and negotiation skills to growing up as one of six kids to immigrant parents. She lives with her husband and their growing-up-too-fast toddler, Mia.


Connie Chung


"Boba and donuts."


"Traveling and couchsurfing throughout Europe on my own for 4 months after college. Getting lost many times over taught me how to read a map like the back of my hand!"

"I love design and homes with architectural interest. Always on the hunt for a new project, my hubby and I renovated our historic Victorian duplex in Alamo Square and are currently working on our Rockridge Craftsman home."



"Everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Having worked at a domestic violence shelter, that sentiment couldn't be more true." 

Cliff Tsang focuses on providing clients with exceptional service and helping them achieve their real estate goals, whether that’s discovering the house of their dreams or finding a lucrative investment property. Cliff is known for his hustle, hospitality, and strategic approach to making things happen from start to finish. His years of immersing himself in the ever-changing real estate market gives him a 360 view of what it takes to succeed in a dynamic, fast-paced market like the Bay Area.

Cliff graduated from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and holds a real estate investment certificate from Harvard University. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Cliff held management positions at high-growth technology companies including HotelTonight and Lyft, where he oversaw strategy and operations. Prior to high-tech, Cliff worked at Goldman Sachs and Deloitte Consulting. Cliff lives in Pacific Heights with his wife, and together, they've traveled the globe. His philosophy is for clients to rest easy in their home, and the icing on top is when they become lifelong friends and peers.

Cliff Tsang



"Cherish sleep when you can get it :)"


"Ryan Holiday's books: The Obstacle is the Way, Stillness is the Key, and Ego is the Enemy have all been instrumental in shaping my adulthood and career.

"My wife and I have 33 homes, spread across a few different cities (Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, Philly and Charlotte)." 



"40 countries and counting. Helps that we took a year off to travel a few years back!"

Kenny Gong


Kenny Gong comes from a lineage of San Francisco Realtors, developers and property managers, whose professional experience spans over 50 years. Since his debut year in the industry, Kenny has consistently ranked amongst the highest-producing Realtors in San Francisco, a successful feat rooted in his commitment to concierge client care and client relationships that last a lifetime. With a background as a community advocate, fundraiser, and non-profit board chair, the act of building strong communities through service is deeply embedded in his life.

Kenny is a native San Franciscan, a Sunnyside investor, and a Berkeley resident. He is an alumnus of St. Ignatius College Preparatory and UC Berkeley, and currently serves on KQED Public Media's Community Advisory Panel.

what i live in:

"Elizabeth Suzann linen and classic black denim."

"The power of really listening to someone's story for what they say... and what they don't."

working as a radio-maker taught me: 


"A mix of 90's neo-soul, pop from the 00's and 10's, lots of 20's moodiness -- and the occasional Cantonese song (since giving my parents access to my Spotify)."

my idea of a perfect evening: 

"Closing down all my tabs and apps after a day of meaningful, fulfilling work to cook a simple meal, turn up the music, and sing my little heart out." 

Bran Bunnag


Brandea (AKA Bran) Bunnag takes pride in her relentless dedication to delivering the best outcome in any situation. She is data-driven, solutions-driven, and has a natural ability to build strong, trustworthy relationships. She understands that buying or selling a home can be a life-changing move, and is committed to helping you make it a successful one.

Bran graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Applied Mathematics and kicked off her career as an Analytics Consultant for Accenture. From there, she was recruited into Product Management. Bran currently works at Tally, where she’s spent the last 4 years leading teams to build the world’s first automated debt manager, resulting in helping Americans overcome $1 trillion in credit card debt. She applies the same devotion and diligence to Willowmar’s clients, supporting them every step of the way.


"I’ve lived in the Mission, North Beach, Lower Haight, Inner Sunset, SOMA, Mission Bay, and Pacific Heights. Have questions about the city? Don't hesitate to ask!"


"Skiing, biking, and interior decor. I’m in awe of designer Shea McGee and her home between the mountains of Salt Lake City."


"My 2-week solo trip to Cusco, Peru, teaching English at Juan Pablo Orphanage, ATV-ing across Maras village, hiking Machu Picchu, and listening to late night stories told by my lovely host family."


"Surprises and cookies & cream ice cream. Not mutually exclusive!"

Lily Lai


Lily is a native San Franciscan, residing in Pacifica and fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Raised on the Peninsula, Lily understands the diversity, natural scenery and local neighborhoods that the Bay Area has to offer. She is dedicated to serving her clients with an insider’s perspective and three mantras- the home, the people, and their unique stories. 

Having worked in the world of residential renovation, Lily is constantly sharing knowledge on how to add value. In her walkthroughs with clients, she brings an acute eye for improvement ideas and shares potential where it may not be easily seen. Lily has also owned a number of ventures including a cafe and a mobile catering business. Skilled at wearing many hats, Lily executes on management, negotiation, and advocacy on behalf of her clients. 

favorite part of owning a cafe:

"Seeing cafe goers take their first sip - and blossoming relationships with regulars (knowing their orders in advance too!). Greeting familiar faces felt more like greeting good friends."

What’s the ideal day off look like to you? 

"Somewhere on the beach, or under a tree swinging in a hammock with a book and my dog, Cinnamon, cuddled next to me."

Favorite home renovation project:

"Helping my parents build their dream home. From drafting floor plans to working alongside my dad, a general contractor, through the full construction process, to buying an enormous piece of redwood and turning it into a 14-person dining table... to now, seeing my parents fully enjoying retirement in this home, constantly brings me heartfelt joy."


"If you really want to know - it’s a five letter word and starts with S… "

The best part of this profession for Jennifer, or Jen as she's known, is that it gives her the opportunity to create genuine relationships with each and every client and fellow agent. Serving our clients in the North Bay and San Francisco, Jen started her real estate career in New York City. After making it through the Great Recession still standing, she built her business up to the top 3% of company agents nationwide. Settling back into the Bay Area equipped with this experience, she fine-tuned her process and strategies to give her clients the best possible buying or selling experience. Now, over a decade later, this business has become who she is. It has seen her through a cross-country move, a wedding, a graduate degree, purchasing her first house, her first home renovation, and her first child. Further, studying Nutrition and Functional Medicine shaped the way she approaches her clients and their needs from a holistic and no-pressure philosophy. These experiences have helped her to become better and better at doing what she loves.

Jen graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara and earned her master's degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, which inspires her passion to approach real estate from a place of wellness. She lives in Corte Madera with her husband and their 18-month-daughter, Charlotte. 

Jennifer Ferland


To me wellness means:

"Creating the right environment for my body and mind. Above all, eating nourishing foods! It's the foundation for feeling good. Next, sleep (it's not overrated) and surrounding myself with nurturing relationships (good vibes only)."

Motherhood has taught me: 

"...that there will always be *something*. Life does not and can not wait until your plate is cleared. Do the things. Be the best version of yourself as you are today."

"Whatever it is, it includes a large, fancy glass of Pinot Noir."

My ideal date night:

Favorite design tip to spruce up any home:

"A well-placed fiddle leaf fig. And, my favorite, a white or glass vase filled with eucalyptus."

Our goal is to make the process seamless for you...
and dare we say, fun.

We love empowering and educating our clients with information in an accessible way. Ultimately,  we want you to make the most informed and sound financial decision that's best for you and your loved ones.

"The dream team... Warm, assuring, never pushy, and always all smiles overlaying their combined vast amount of knowledge and experience in Bay Area real estate. It's hard to describe just how solid the foundation is that they have worked hard to set for us. From the very beginning, they put our interests and concerns first, and guided us to make the best home purchase decision possible that was tailored to our tastes, our needs, and our budget."

— karen and cameron, clients

We're do-ers and relationship-makers. We mean business, and are constantly at work making dreams a reality for our clients. That means guiding you through the process, securing your new home, or helping you to transition and make the most of your real estate investments.

You can find us out in the field, face-to-face with clients (often with yummy pastries in hand), on the phone, or in front of our computers (with lots of coffee) as we're constantly keeping tabs of the market in real-time.

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