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San francisco Bay area, CA


“Exceedingly warm and kind, extremely competent and very capable, impressively responsive and intuitive, Kenny and Connie are the rare amalgamation of everything you never knew you needed while navigating the Bay Area real estate market.


It's actually quite difficult to describe our experience working with them without it sounding like hyperbole - I really feel passionate and extreme about how excellent they were and are! I'm worried this "review" will read more as a love letter, because that's how my wife and I feel about this duo. I will just say that you'll just have to work with them to understand just what every single 5 star review here is attempting to describe.
Throughout our home purchase journey, Kenny and Connie kept us INFORMED (they had great insights and opinions on listings we'd forward to them, they constantly updated us as we requested more info about various listings, answered every single "stupid" question we had), kept us SANE (i'm talking extreme hand-holding during a whirlwind escrow period, and authentic empathy when we encountered disappointment), and kept us IN THE GAME (i sincerely believe our winning offer was accepted in large part thanks to their relationship-building with the listing agent). 
I'd like to remark on a few things : 
Kenny and Connie's responsiveness in our communication lines was with a swiftness that quelled many an anxious feeling. However, whenever we were with them we never felt as if they were distracted and itching to respond to their other clients. We always felt like we were their only clients. 

Kenny and Connie extend their personality to all the players in your real estate journey.
They truly felt like our advocates, advocating for us in a world we'd never be able to navigate on our own. 

Kenny and Connie fished us out of a legitimate snafu during our escrow. Our mortgage lender made an error and Kenny and Connie stepped in on our behalf to smooth it out. 

Kenny and Connie are the real deal. Their thoughtfulness and attention to client service during every step could only be possible, if not sustainable, if it came from a genuine place of passion and love for the profession. What could have been an extremely taxing and exhausting process was made so hopeful, light, and filled with gratitude thanks to the ambiance and atmosphere established by their guidance and demeanor. We are so grateful to them for helping our house hunt transpire the way it did."

“This was our first home purchase in San Francisco, and Kenny and Connie made the whole process incredibly smooth while minimizing the first-time buyer stress. They took the time to educate us on the entire transaction process before touring homes, and patiently answered all of our questions. They were never pushy and worked with our hectic schedules to fit tours in at our pace. Throughout the search, we truly appreciated their promptness. Their responses were immediate and detailed, at all hours of the day.
C+K also has an outstanding network, which includes access to off-market listings. It is this network that ultimately led to our purchase of a wonderful single family home at a solid deal on both the home and the loan. 
Their help doesn't end either - these new homeowners have plenty of questions months later, and both Kenny and Connie are still very quick to respond.
We couldn't be more pleased and would recommend them to anyone."



"I wanted to write this while I was working with her and not after the transaction. Because regardless of the outcome, she is the definition of a true professional. Responsive, considerate, courteous, and patient. A true delight to work with, and I know she will make sure I find the perfect home and will not settle. Thrilled that she agreed to be my agent."

"Connie was helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive. She quickly got to know my needs and limits, and she efficiently educated me on the SF market. Without her guidance through this competitive market, my transition from the Washington DC area would have taken much longer and I doubt that I would have been able to purchase my desired property. 

Connie is poised and professional. She stayed on top of every detail and made sure that everyone got everything completed to get through escrow successfully. 

Personally, Connie goes above and beyond. You can count on her."


 "Kenny sold our home and guided me through the process with extreme professionalism. His marketing recommendations for the home, including staging, were well worth the return on the sale. He worked well with the buyer’s agent and within a short period we had a deal. He is very patience and thorough in a manner that we did not feel much stress on our end.

I was impressed with his prompt responses to my texts and emails. He was the ideal agent for me as his energy and passion toward his work exemplified the results I was looking for in my transaction. Kenny is a good agent to have on your team/side."


"I needed brokers who were patient, thorough and had the right amount of hustle. I came to Connie & Kenny with a wish list - tons of light, 2 bedrooms, Mission Dolores, parking. And that's exactly what I got - a beautiful top floor 2 bed / 2 bath with big south-facing bay windows in a beautiful Victorian with parking all on the loveliest quiet block in Mission's Liberty Hill historic district. There were up's and down's through the process given the ultra competitive nature of the San Francisco housing market, but Kenny & Connie always remained positive and knew they would be able to find me an amazing place. They also negotiated with my seller to get a bunch of concessions I didn't even know were possible, which really helped so I wouldn't face a lot of big upgrades on move in. The apartment I ended up buying was off MLS. I was the first person in to see the apartment when the tenants had moved out, and we hustled to get an offer out that day. I highly recommend Connie & Kenny, and would absolutely work with them again.  

Responsive: We exchanged 100's of emails, phone calls and text messages. Connie & Kenny would respond any time of day, any day of the week, and answered my 1000's of questions. I never felt like a burden and they were always happy to explain all the eccentricities of the market and process.

Well Connected: They have great relationships with brokers across the city at different firms and get the inside track on apartments that never get listed on MLS. If not for these relationships I'd never have found my place.
Tough Negotiators: They knew when to give and when to push. They created a truly pie expanding deal for me and the seller, finding ways to meet both of our needs and adding value in creative ways. I was really happy with the concessions the seller made and ended up getting what I dare say was a great deal for this crazy market!
Kind & Patient: On some days Connie & Kenny were like therapists, counseling me through a tough loss and keeping my spirits up. They knew I would find the perfect place, and were responsive to my needs and emotions through the rollercoaster ride that is buying a house in SF.  

Hustlers: They were able to move fast, getting me in to see an apartment the second it was available, getting an offer on the table in a matter of hours, finding those hidden gems. I can truly say they worked hard for my deal, which was anything but standard - with tons of back and forth with the seller negotiating different points during the closing process. They met with contractors to get estimates to help with the negotiation and went the extra mile to ensure I was getting what I wanted.

I have to admit when I started this whole process I was skeptical about the role brokers play. I thought that basically I'd go to open houses, find places on Zillow and then they would get paid some huge amount for minimal work. Well I was very wrong ... while I did go to open houses and scan listings, they worked hard for me - finding places off market, negotiating back and forth for weeks at a time, writing up numerous contracts, working with my mortgage lender and title company to ensure a smooth closing, getting legal advice to ensure I wasn't at risk, not to mention answering my thousands of questions. I am sure not all brokers work as hard as they do, but I can honestly say they've changed my perspective about the value of brokers in the process."

— marissa c.

 "Connie was such a joy to work with during our search for the perfect home. She really does go above and beyond in everything that she does.

When we first started scouting around for a home a year ago, we told Connie that we weren't necessarily interested in buying at that exact moment. A lot of other agents would've shied away from providing services if they had heard that. Not Connie. She spent a whole day taking us around different neighborhoods within San Francisco, providing invaluable insight on the real estate market here in the city. From then on, Connie has repeatedly reached out, providing updates and getting feedback so she could find us the perfect home.

It was obvious why we went back to Connie when we finally decided to purchase. Her knowledge of the real estate trends and neighborhoods is second to none. Not only was she an awesome negotiator, but she was so fast in all her responses that it really made the whole ordeal of looking for a home that much less stressful.

I will be recommending Connie to anyone that is interested in real estate here in the City."

— euen f.


"Connie was very patient and helpful in a long housing search and ultimately successful purchase of our first house. She was a good communicator, very pleasant and easy to work with throughout the year that we worked with her.

Thanks, Connie!"


"For all prospective buyers/sellers, I highly recommend that you at least reach out to them to see if they can meet your needs. The best part about them is they are so warm and friendly and easy to communicate with. Gone for me are the stereotypes of the shady real estate agents that I was used to dealing with in the past."

"I had an amazing experience purchasing a home with the help of Connie - I couldn't recommend her more highly! She was referred to me by a friend and I'll always be thankful to him for that. She was always SUPER available, responsive, proactive and helpful.

 As a first-time buyer, she understood how important the decision was for me. She provided me with very valuable insights and helped me have a good understanding of the market.

I could feel that Connie always had my best interest at heart and she is such a wonderful and pleasant person to be around that it was really a pleasure to work with her! She really went above and beyond and I'm so happy now that I found a home that I love :D

Buying a home in SF can be very stressful and Connie definitely has this magic touch that helps make everything goes smoothly.

Thank you again for everything!"

— Solène O.

 "Connie listed and sold our condo in South Beach in 12 days! Cash offer (above asking), no contingency, 7-day close! Her results far exceeded our expectations, both in timing and in sales price- and totally broke the sales record in our building for $/sq.ft. (for comparable units). Connie, you're a superstar! 

We interviewed a total of 6 realtors and Connie was the last one we interviewed. Prior to Connie we had already spoken with other "top agents" with various well-established brokerage firms, some with 15-20+ years of experience in the business. But as soon as Connie presented her market analysis, it was abundantly clear to us that Connie is the Only One who possessed a firm grasp of this super fast-paced and changing-by-the-day kind of market, especially in the SOMA/South Beach/Downtown/Mission Bay neighborhoods. Connie was the only one who presented us with the proper comps for our property. Some of the other agents presented us with comps from 6 months ago (too old and completely inappropriate for this fast and ascending market), still others presented us with comps from buildings, which are completely not comparable to ours. If we were not educated about this market and had listened to some of these other agents, we would have listed our property way below the market value.

It seems to us that a lot of agents have a tendency to want their clients to list their properties at a lower price point and therefore making their jobs a lot easier. They even advertise how they sell their properties "above asking"... well, I can see how easy it is to first lower the asking price and then sell it above asking! That does not constitute doing a good job in my book. Connie, on the other hand, will not do this to her clients. She will not intentionally set a lower bar for herself and her clients because she is CONFIDENT!!! And she truly wants to get the highest price for her clients!!!

Connie is super smart, analytical, super high energy, and super confident in her abilities to price appropriately and sell. She is efficient, responsive and she knows the market. She worked tirelessly to show our property even before it hit the MLS.

 I have never seen a realtor so passionate in what she does. Connie exudes confidence, energy, passion and drive all around. She told us she would get us the highest price for our property and she would not stop until she did it. (She absolutely delivered!). We find Connie to be a breath of fresh air in the real estate business. She is genuine, sincere and smart. She truly cares. She works tirelessly. She delivers what she promises. On top of it all, she carries the most bright and sunny personality, you can't help but feel bright and positive when you are around Connie.

Connie, we are so glad we found you and you are a superstar in our book! Thank you!"


"Connie's support, enthusiasm, and professional expertise made buying a condominium in San Francisco easy. Hard to imagine, but true!"

— jill s.

— rachel & godwin

"We've had a exciting experience working with Kenny for our first home purchase. Kenny was extremely welcoming and personable upon meeting him for the first time. Once we notified him about the property we were interested in, he immediately went out of his way to attend the open house to get to know the listing agents and help us get on board. He provided us with a realistic timeline once we opened escrow, and kept us up-to-date throughout the entire process.

He was on top of everything, accessible & responsive, and exemplified excellent interpersonal skills. It was obvious from the start that Kenny was very passionate about real estate and is genuinely compassionate in his relationships with clients.

We definitely would recommend him to any friends or family that are looking to buy/sell property. He is the best in the business, and will make anyone's experience worthwhile!"


"Wow. OK. So Connie did a top drawer job on our difficult sale, where she stood to earn a large commission. I just got the SAME QUALITY of outstanding service on a tiny purchase transaction.

 Don't hesitate - she's the platinum standard to which others should be held."  


"Connie and Kenny went above and beyond to help us find our new home. No matter the hour, they were always ready to respond to our questions and lend advice. They went out of their way to make sure we saw any property we were interested in, while making suggestions for upcoming showings that matched our interests. From working with lenders, selling agents, and helping us close - they were there every step of the way! 

We can't thank you two enough!"


"We were first time home buyers and had a lot of questions going in. Throughout the process, Kenny was extremely responsive, and when we didn't have answers readily available, he went the distance to obtain answers for us. Kenny also understood how personal and nerve wracking the home buying process is and was very supportive. Lastly, he had access to the most current market information, so it was helpful to be educated as we went along with the process."

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— jeff m.

"Besides the results they achieve, their customer service is the best part about them. They're always incredible friendly and responsive; certainly not something you find from everyone.

I would use them again in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone else without hesitation."

What can we say? Our experience with Connie and Kenny was spectacular and as good as it gets.

From the moment we reached out to this dream team, they took the time to really listen to our needs and priorities. Even when we switched strategy and changed our search criteria, Connie and Kenny were understanding and flexible to work with us throughout.

This current San Francisco real estate market is indeed crazy just as everyone have said previously. Connie and Kenny leverage their knowledge and experience of this market to their best advantage. They seem to know every single seller's agents. They sent us many listings, some even not on market yet. They were so on top of everything and worked tirelessly on our behalf.

You can really sense that they're doing this not just for their profit, but they have a deep care for their clients. We certainly felt it! Needless to say, this dream team found us a perfect single family house. And I doubt we can find a place in this short period of time if it wasn't for them. 

Thank you Connie and Kenny!


"Connie is a top caliber agent! She helped us sell our condo in SOMA. Her market knowledge, negotiation skills, and persistence resulted in our condo selling at a record breaking price for our building. She is also extremely communicative, even speaking with us on the day of her wedding!

 We couldn't be happier and would strongly recommend her."

— ashminder & vicki s.

 Connie and Kenny represented us buying our condo in San Francisco. Both worked together on our purchase in true partnership, which almost definitely gave us the advantage of speed when preparing our offer. Through the search they made themselves available in the evenings and weekends to follow-up on places we were interested in bidding on.

We quickly found that these guys know the SF market like the back of their hands - and almost every seller's representative we met at viewings knew Connie and Kenny personally. Another plus to C+K Partners is that they're backed by Vanguard Properties which can give them an advantage in sharing off-MLS (i.e. not on Redfin/Zillow) properties. Highly recommend.


"Connie was super responsive and attentive to all my real estate search needs. She helped me close on an offer in less than 30 days and was great about getting me in to see properties. Connie was very low pressure and easy to work with - highly recommend!"

— steven f.

" "Kenny is AMAZING! My husband & I had been searching for a house to buy on & off for the last 3 years, eventually giving up on finding a home or a realtor with whom we could connect.

 We ran into Kenny entirely by chance at an open house, and he immediately provided a reassuring balance between proactive and thorough, while giving us room to breathe and go at our most comfortable pace. He really took the time to get to know exactly what was important to us in our new home search.

 And even though we presented him with a unicorn laundry list of requirements, he patiently presented options that he'd scoped out each weekend, until we honed in further on what our home would look & feel like.

He advised us through a number of offers, being mindful of not pushing us past our boundaries, but being realistic about our chances. He kept us constantly informed & supported, even at late hours.

 All the way through getting us across the finish line with keys in hand, Kenny was detail-oriented, professional, & on top of (if not ahead of) everything. We're so grateful to have found our home and would recommend Kenny to anyone without a bit of hesitation!"

— bill & julia f.

 "Above and beyond. That is how I would classify Kenny's customer service and knowledge of the market/home buying process. Since the day we first met, he was positive, confident and patient. He took the time to walk me through the entire process of home buying and gave me examples of the types of documentation we would need to review during the process. He also spent the time to understand my wants and needs, and did not force me to select or do anything that I was uncomfortable with.

Even when things didn't go as planned, he was always positive and future looking. In addition, he was always easy to get a hold of and his work ethic was far beyond any other agent I dealt with previously. He was always available during the late night hours and very early mornings; again exceeding my expectations. During our search, he provided me with several options for our search (while still considering my price range and housing desires).

In addition, whenever I went to an open house, everyone I met were huge fans of Kenny. At the end of the day, his excellent customer service (including overall relationship skills) and knowledge of the industry helped me not only learn about the home buying process but also helped me nab my very first home. I wouldn't dream of using anyone else!"

— JON W.

 "Connie was such a great help to me! I'm from the South Bay so I wasn't really familiar with the SF city area. She was more than happy to guide and give me detail information/recommendations on the best areas in the city.

 After showing us various condos, I was able to find the place to my liking. She was also very informative with the negotiation and kept me up to date at all times. I had to leave out of town during escrow but she was VERY QUICK in handling all the documents through the transaction and definitely took the stress out out of the process. 
Connie showed patience and professionalism with the dedication to finding the perfect property for me. She'll consider all the small details that you're looking for in finding the right home. Everything worked out beautifully and I'm definitely fortunate I was able to work with her."

— jack l.

"Seriously, why are you still reading this? Give them a call right now and get that house!”


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