The three most important decisions you will make...

The three most important decisions you will make...

The three most important decisions you will make in your life: who you marry, who you work with and who your friends are. 

Joining the Willowmar team was one of the most important and best decisions I’ve made in my life, gaining me incredible colleagues and friends, while catapulting my business in the process.

Tactically, Willowmar has taught me all the skills of strong agent representation, from disclosures and contracts to construction and marketing. What usually takes many new agents years to obtain, I learned at lightning speed. The partners have also been a role model for the equally important, softer, more nuanced skills like negotiation and how to show up for my clients. Just two years in, I feel I have the confidence to represent my clients better than many agents who have been in the business for decades.

Finally, Willowmar’s selfless inclination to nurture and empower others is unparalleled. Their priority is people: vendors, affiliates, clients, community, and most importantly their team. They care deeply and holistically about your goals, and are constantly thinking about how to provide  the resources and support to help you achieve them.

Willowmar has been very intentional to hire genuinely kind, growth-oriented agents and employees committed to excellence in their roles. Imagine being mentored and surrounded by top notch colleagues 24/7. Trust me, it has a compounding effect on your growth.

If you’re a compassionate, passionate, and committed individual ready to take your career to the next level, regardless of what that might look like for you, #withWillowmar is the place for you.