The Grand View Home

The Grand View Home


In August of 2022, our team had the privilege of helping sell a gorgeous 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2,813 sqft house located in beautiful Claremont Hills, Oakland, CA. 

The listing was handled by our very own Connie Chung and Phoebe Syn. These are some of the highlights in their journey of transforming this Claremont Hills home into a stunningly lavish view home.

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Before the Transformation

The home spanned three expansive floors with long balconies stretching across the length of the house on two floors, with a huge backyard deck perfect for holding barbecues and brunches. It was built on the mountainside with soaring views overlooking blue skies, amazing sunsets, and the glittering city of Oakland. To complete it, the property was equipped with private solar panels, a fun and rare feature. The home’s previous owners had made many thoughtful and loving renovations to its kitchen, upstairs floor plan, flooring, bedrooms, and much more. However, it still needed a little facelift in little areas and details. 

The biggest change that had to take place was in the house’s paint job. Through years of weathering the elements, the exterior paint had lost its original blue-green hue and was discolored and peeling in a lot of places. Stains from leaks and water damage were present on some of the walls. The interior white paint had taken on a yellowish hue and needed a touch up. On the outside, the top patio area, balcony railings, and areas of the backyard deck also sported peeling paint. 

There were also smaller changes that are standard in our market preparation process. We noted everything from nicks, scuffs, and holes to burnt out lightbulbs and loose door handles and railings.

During the Transformation

Once we had located all the problem points, we partnered with one of our trusted vendors, Diego, to fix them. We repainted the whole interior and exterior of the home. For the exterior paint, Phoebe’s friend who works in Benjamin Moore was able to recommend colors based on an inspiration photo she sent him. The balconies were also given a fresh coat of paint. The deck and the balconies were sanded and stained to bring out the natural color of the wood. Every window inside and out was thoroughly cleaned. We also removed the door to the stairs leading to the lower floor to create a more open flow. 

The next step was to have it staged. We partnered with Slate for this home. They did a fantastic job and absolutely transformed it into a gorgeous home. The pictures speak for themselves! We also partnered with Zemka for a thorough deep-clean of the whole house.

We also worked with Edilcas for landscaping. They did a beautiful job with the hedges and vines and decorated the home with lovely plants. We did hit a snag with the plants – as they were done before the other work, some were left unwatered and withered away. The moment we realized it, we called the landscaper back to replace them and ensured their longevity. We also took the plants that had withered away and our teammate nursed them back to life. As much as possible, we try not to cause unnecessary loss or waste.

Beginning the whole process in August, we wanted to get the house on the market as soon as possible. But with the timelines on the renovations, we had to pivot and find a way to make everything work. There was the added complication of navigating around the upcoming Labor Day weekend. We ultimately made the decision to launch the house right after Labor Day.

After Transformation

With everything set up to perfection, the home was ready to be shown. In just two weeks after it launched, we received two offers on it. Not surprising, with how beautiful it turned out! After a speedy sale, we were able to congratulate the new owners of this enviable home. 

One thing we love about this job is working with all the talented people it takes to elevate a home. All our vendors for repairs, staging, and cleaning are good people that we have great working relationships with. It’s very fulfilling to bring everything together with professional people you can trust.

The journey for this house was incredibly fulfilling. All the updates that we made just enhanced the beauty and character of the home. It’s amazing to see how a new coat of paint can transform a space and brighten it up.


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